Our Story

What is KÉXY?

KEXY was created by a group of hospitality workers who grew tired of seeing countless hours wasted on archaic methods being used to conduct business between distributors and restaurants. Realizing how costly, time consuming, and inefficient these processes were, they were determined to create a solution.
With a passion for the industry and a desire to help, they went to work on creating a platform that provides restaurants, distributors, and suppliers with better way to conduct business.

The name KEXY comes from the Greek word “kainotomo” and “exypno” which means “innovative” and “smart”.

At KEXY, our focus is to provide innovative products and services that allow companies to operate smarter.

Better Marketing.
Faster Growth.
Less Work.

KEXY gives Brands the tools, technology, and real-time data to expand their reach like never before.
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