Instant Access to Key Decision-Makers for F&B Brands

Get your products in front of the right people at the right time with KEXY. With instant access to key decision-makers at retail outlets, Brands can create customized marketing campaigns that target specific bars, restaurants and liquor stores. Make KEXY your ideal solution for brand marketing.
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Connect with qualified Restaurant and Bar leads with targeted marketing that works

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Market More Effectively and Build Brand Awareness in Minutes

Boost Sales Effortlessly

Push your best offers to customers looking to buy now and close deals with just one click.

Boost Sales Effortlessly

Push your best offers to customers looking to buy now and close deals with just one click.

Boost Sales Effortlessly

Push your best offers to customers looking to buy now and close deals with just one click.

Boost Sales Effortlessly

Push your best offers to customers looking to buy now and close deals with just one click.


Choose one of our recommended go-to-market strategies


Enter your zip code & select the area you want to target


Create the deal or offer you want to send out to managers


Click publish and watch your products fly off the shelves!

Target key decision makers with KEXY’s All-In-One Workflow

Boost Sales Effortlessly

KEXY makes it easier to work with distributors, allowing you to build relationships with key stakeholders in the industry and grow your brand.

Competitive Insights

Capitalize on narrow buying windows and clear more sales targets with detailed, high-level insights that eliminate the need for shotgun sales tactics.

Targeting and Expansion

KEXY goes beyond typical marketplace platforms to ensure deals get to your ideal leads.
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What Current Clients Say, and You’ll Say Too!

KEXY was suggested to me by a colleague, so I gave it a try. Figured it couldn’t hurt. One month later and I’m satisfied. KEXY has been instrumental in positioning my brand in front of key decision makers at the bars and restaurants we partner with. Needless to say, sales have gone up!
George Wood
Bloomington, CA
Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic! KEXY is the ideal marketing tool for brands looking to gain an edge over the competition. The ability to create customized marketing campaigns is just one of many features that has helped us to boost brand awareness and increase sales. Highly recommended.
Chanel Jones
Wichita, KS
Didn’t know what to expect going in, but was pleasantly surprised. KEXY has markedly improved our negotiation and bargaining power due to in-depth insights into competitor inventory levels. I also appreciate the fact that KEXY makes it much easier to form partnerships with distributors to get our products out there.
Rick Jackson
Dallas, TX
Rohan David
“My sales doubled in Q4! I can now give my clients exactly what they need when they need it.”
Maria Huber
“KEXY allows our reps to optimize their sales with an easy-to-use B2B ordering platform.”
Joel Acosta
“Gamechanger! I love how I can expand my territory and reach decision makers in real-time as they’re buying.”

It’s Time to Take your Marketing to the Next Level

Expand your territory

KEXY is the perfect solution for Brands looking to expand their reach. With our platform, you'll be able to connect to a greater number of potential customers in your target market, allowing you to expand your territory quickly and efficiently.

Boost brand awareness

KEXY is the ideal marketing tool to boost brand awareness by enabling you to create laser-focused promotions.

Get the most out of your marketing budget

KEXY's unique targeting capabilities ensure that brands get the most out of their marketing budget by reaching the customers who are most likely to purchase their products. In addition, KEXY's real-time data tracking allows brands to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns and make necessary adjustments in order to maximize results.

Increase the reach of your brand

You have what restaurants and bars want, and they want what you have. There’s no reason to overcomplicate the process. When you onboard with KEXY, you don’t pay unless we deliver on our promises of more sales and faster growth with less work. We’re here to redefine how you and your customers do business.

For a wide variety of businesses.

Software as Service

Grow your business with secure, fast payments.
Keep your money secure until goods are shipped
Access new sellers and markets to grow your business
Fully verify seller's identity and compliance status


Give your customers a smooth payment experience.
Create custom checkout experience for your business
Share payment link via an email, SMS, messenger, chatbot etc. and get paid immediately.
Accept payments from 135 countries, support multiple payment options popular in each country


Give your customers the gift of modern, frictionless, painless payments. Integrate Paystack once and
Usage-based and flexible based on the capabilities you need.
Use our API or send payouts directly
Give your customers the gift of modern

Optimize payments

Add your customers’ preferred way of paying in 135+ currencies.

Grow your revenue

Create an account in minutes and start using SDKs to securely accept payments.

Work on the go

Accept payments in your iOS or Android app using our mobile SDKs.

Put security first

Increase authorisation rates on every payment using machine learning and AI.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have doubts? Here's everything we think you should know.

What integrations do you support?

We can support platforms integrated with Checkout, Billing, and Invoicing. We can’t support PaymentIntent users but if you’re a platform interested in building your own UI for one-off payments, we’d love to hear from you!

What is the waiting period for my first payout?

The first payout for every new account is typically paid out 7 days after the first successful payment is received. This waiting period can be up to 14 days for businesses in certain industries, and up to 30 days in countries such as Brazil.

Can I withdraw my money anytime?

Yes, Stripe allows you to opt for a payout whenever you want. You can also opt for a scheduled payout every month.

Do you support PO box addresses?

In general, PO Boxes aren’t part of our US address database. If the address for a PO Box or other address can’t be found in the address database, the location is approximated using the rest of the address details, such as the postal code.

Better Marketing.
Faster Growth.
Less Work.

KEXY gives Brands the tools, technology, and real-time data to expand their reach like never before.
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